Obed Martinez

On the first day of class, I had the pleasure of meeting Obed Martinez. In childhood, he picked up the nickname “Obie” and has worn it with pride ever since. Obie is a second year here at CSULB and is currently undeclared in his major. He has dipped his foot into a few majors such as biology and art history, but soon found himself dreading to go to class. As we began to spark conversation, I learned that Obie is taking this Art 110 course to fulfill his GE requirements, just like me. He feels as though psychology may be the right route for him, after taking entry to psychology his first semester on campus. This entry course actually made him excited to learn about a foreign subject and attend class; he is hopeful that psychology is the perfect fit. If psychology ends up not working out, Obie has thought about majoring in human development and working with children. As we began to talk about personal life, I learned Obie’s mother is a teacher and he has a younger sister. he and his sister are very close and he feels that she has extreme academic potential. He sprung a wide smile on his face when he told me that she would be attending UC Santa Barbara in the upcoming fall semester. From just one short conversation with Mr. Martinez, I can tell he has a good head on his shoulders and a caring heart.


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