Plaster Casting

Today, I went to Rosie’s Dog Beach, hoping to make a successful cast of my hand; let’s just say things don’t always go as planned. Thankfully, I had a friend who is also enrolled in Art 110, help me tackle this assignment. Initially, retrieving the shovel, bucket, and plaster went smoothly; it was the digging, mixing, and pouring that challenged us. Since there were only two of us and we wanted to get in and out as fast as possible, we decided to each do a different limb, in order to pour the molding mixture before it hardens. So, I go along just as directions say, dig a hole, retrieve a bucket full of wet, but not TOO wet sand, and fill in the empty space. Now comes the hard part, removing my hand! To my surprise, the removal is relatively easy, minus a few small sand avalanches. I went on to fill the bucket with approximately 1/3 of salt water, and 2/3 of molding mixture. As I began to stir the mixture, I was reminded of making cookies from scratch with my family as a child, just like the plaster, the cookie dough would become thick and tough; so that was a cool moment that made me smile. Lastly, we both tried to get the mixture into our hollow molds as well as possible. However, in my gut, I could tell I would be dealing with a catastrophe. Fast-forward 30 minutes and voilà, it’s time to dig up our creations! I began to dig with anxiety, fingers-crossed that I would have a new masterpiece to have my mom place on the shelf of accomplishments, boy was I wrong. Just as expected, I was presented with a finger-less monster, covered in sand. After giggling over my creation, I decided it was definitely just that, a finger-less, monster work of art. Looking back, there are two things that I would definitely do differently: wear more appropriate clothing and gloves! I am a very hands on person and was severely tempted to grab the casting mixture, so I will keep that in mind next time I venture into making molds. Overall, this was a great introductory project and I enjoyed creating something all on my own.


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