Week 2-Conversation with a Classmate-Elyse Vega


This week, I met Michael Shenouda of CSU Long Beach. He is a fourth-year, entering his final semester at the University. He is turning 22 in the next couple of weeks, on Valentine’s Day! Now Michael was actually born right here in Los Alamitos, California; the rest of his family are Egypt natives and still live there to this day. After visiting Egypt a few times, Michael says that it definitely is one the most gorgeous, and culture rich places he has ever visited. Now, going deeper into personal life, Michael is the oldest of his two siblings. He says,”being an older brother is one of my favorite things, but also one of the hardest things.” He grew up playing all sports, but especially loved basketball, baseball, and football. Through his love of actually playing the sports, he also developed a passion for watching professional and college teams play. As far as baseball goes, the Angels are who he roots for day in and day out, all while his friends tease him for liking it so much. His devotion runs so deep for the Angels, that he has even bought his friends tickets to the game, in hopes that they would love the atmosphere, he was wrong. By the fifth inning, his friends were begging to leave and go hang out in their homes. Michael has big aspirations for him self, he intends to become a veterinarian. At the moment, he is a psychology major who intends to enroll in medical school this next semester. In order to prepare himself for his field, Michael works at an animal hospital in Los Alamitos called Ambassador hospital. All in all, Michael Shenouda is a sport loving, ambitious, older-brother, who is excited about his graduation to come!


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