Week 2-Landscapes with a Corpse-Elyse Vega


This weeks activity of capturing my own demise was unique to say the least. Initially, when we were introduced to our new assignment on Wednesday, I thought I would do something goofy, like me. I first thought to do a remake of my favorite movies’ action plot, Kill Bill. Afterwards, I thought, “It would probably be more meaningful to me, if I did something relatable to my actual life.” This was when I came up with the idea of a character and their entire background story. Now, in my own personal life, I have a Father that has always smoked a pack of cigarettes a day. Alike my Father, I was born with chronic asthma, always relying on inhalers to open up my lungs and make it possible for me to play sports. Growing up, there wasn’t a day my Dad didn’t smoke; he would eat, he would smoke, he would go to the store, he would smoke, but remember now, I was born with chronic asthma, just like my Father. I was around cigarettes so often, that I acquired a liking for the smell of it. My Dad knows that second hand smoke is real, he knows even better that smoking deteriorates your lungs, which in his case, are already fighting an uphill battle, but he didn’t care. This real life story of mine is what inspired my hypothetical death: fatality via Marlboro. now the problem of props came into play; I had never bought cigarettes before and didn’t want to start, but I need them for the overdramatic demonstration. As I was going out with my friend, we stopped at our close friends’ apartments. As I walked around, chatting with the guys, I saw everything I could ask for, right at my disposal. the entire scene from my pictures, is just as I found it. All I needed was a cell phone and a friend to snap them, and I was golden. When it came to “playing dead”, it was a lot more challenging than I expected. Though this might make me heartless, I giggled the ENTIRE time. My photographer had all of .02 seconds to capture an actual corpse, the rest was childish laughing. Looking at the pictures reinsures my hypothesis that my father’s death will be he pack-a-day lifestyle. Overall, this assignment was easy to do  and a little uncomfortable, as far as imaging all the possibilities of death, but I’m glad we had the opportunity.



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