Week 3- Conversation with Classmate- Elyse Vega

img_0879 This week I talked to Kergina Singleton, she is a second year here at Cal State and is majoring in Psychology.  Though she doesn’t know exactly what she wants to do with her major, she knows she wants to get her Masters and work with children. Kergina went to high school near by at Wilson High School, but she’s not a Long Beach native. In fact, Kergina only transferred to Wilson her junior year of high school, so she still feels as though Long Beach isn’t her home. She commutes to and from school everyday which is a pain, but she values the fact that by being at home, she doesn’t have to pay utility bills, buy toilet paper, or deal with living with a stranger! Now Kergina loves going out with friends, going to concerts, and Disneyland of course. Her favorite sport to play and watch is basketball. Her favorite place to go when she’s feeling a  little parched is the infamous Starbucks, even if they spell her name as Christina every time she orders there. Her favorite music genre is pop and indie, which I personally thought was cool because we had that in common and were able to just start listing off songs that we both had on our go to playlists. She defines herself as an introverted, extrovert. Loving to meet new people on her own time, be out and about, but always making sure she keeps her personal information to herself. To quote her exactly, “making new friends is fun, but I’m not just going to spill my guts out 5 minutes or even 5 weeks after meeting you.” It was cool to hear her describe her own definition of how she interacts with others, because it reminded me of my own sister and how she, as an artist, is definitively quiet about her personal work, but such a bubbly, life of the party. All in all, Kergina seems to be just like the rest of us; a down-to-earth girl with big aspirations.


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