Week 4- ACP- Elyse Vega

This week our art project was to make an art care package, or an ACP. The first obstacle was choosing who to send my care package to, which led me to my mom. My mom has always been someone who wanted me to get into art, hell, she even bought me an art easel three years in a row. She still has all of my funky creations from 8th grade ceramics, propped up on our shelf in the bathroom; so I decided this care package would be perfect for her. My mom is newly 58, but has a very modern taste when it comes to interior design and fashion. Based off of this, I thought it would be great to make her a sketch of one of my favorite outfits of hers (depicted above). That is the main piece of my care package that is set just for her. The rest of the materials are just things that remind me of her or home. sending someone an ACP is nothing like sending a snap chat in my mind. Maybe it’s just because I’m a snooty millennial but mailing things is very tedious and pointless, I thank the heavens that I’m able to just call my mom or face time her and see her face as compared to waiting 5-7 business days for a handwritten letter. Since ephemera is just another way of saying memorabilia, yes I would say that it is definitely precious. for many people, ephemera is their only way of remembering someone near and dear who is far away or passed; after all, memorabilia is called memorabilia for that reason, it’s MEMORABLE, and memories should be cherished. To answer Glenn’s question in this assignments post on BeachArts, yes they become more valuable overtime, hell yes my hypothetical grandmother’s ticket from Woodstock is ephemera material, and I would hope that my future children would look at my Coachella beaded bracelet with admiration and treasure them in the many years to come. I would say the only difference between art that is viewed by many as compared to art seen by few, is public approval. as we have established thoroughly in this class, art is everywhere, and you honestly can’t tell someone in 2017 that whatever they are looking at, isn’t art because art is in the eye of the beholder. Back to mailing as compared to snap chatting, I think snap chatting and technology is better for communication purposes. Slow may be better solely or the fact that you are doing something by hand, it’s more sincere and crafty. I think that an ACP certainly packs more love and sincerity from a snap chat for many reasons. For instance, an individuals single snap chat can be sent to numerous people at once, it’s rare that they are specifically made for you; as opposed to a care package like the ACP or letter, which you know was made just for you. Also, the sketch that was included in my ACP, was handmade, thoughtful. unfortunately, a snap chat sketch just doesn’t pack the same punch that a hand sketch does. Overall, this was an interesting project and I am thoroughly excited to hear my Mom’s reaction when she gets this surprise package.


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