Week 6- Artist Convo- Elyse Vega


This week, I chose the art piece called “#Memeshowselfie” to inspire my fictional story for my artist convo. Once upon a time, there was an art student named Meme, no last name. Meme was always inspired by others and their amazing artwork, he longed to be like them. Now meme was a screen printing major while all of those he admired were sculptures. His home life wasn’t anything special, he felt uninspired for the most part, just nothing was going his way. Then one day, meme thought, “why not use the handy dandy internet for all of my inspirational needs?” So, he did just that. You know when you’re speaking or listening to something at the same time as typing a paper and you accidentally type what you’re hearing on your television or saying to your friend? Well that is what happened to meme whilst browsing the internet. After searching for a few hours, meme had began to lose hope in finding his next muse, something to put his love back into art again.So, he accidentally typed his name into the google search bar and hit enter; an entire world was opened up before his eyes. MEMES, MEMES EVERYWHERE. Before this moment, meme had no idea why his parents chose this simple name for him, or even the real meaning of the word, so he was taken aback. The next few hours consisted of shock, admiration, hope, crying, laughter, all emotions bottled into one extreme burst! I mean, how would you feel if you discovered your name was actually the word for something that modern day teens obsessed over?

Some time passed and Meme had time to adjust to his realization of his name. He continued to attend class and be the interactive student he is. Annually, every art student has to do a showcase at the end of the semester, and Meme had let time slip through his hands without finding his muse.. or so he thought. The morning of his showcase, Meme had been running late, with his professor and classmates waiting, he arrived at his art gallery in a sprint, ran inside to shut the doors, and left everyone outside for a few minutes. Next thing, doors are opened and Meme stands with his head held high! Meme awaits everyone’s comments on his art exhibit and the review from his professor, but he’s not nervous, he knows he has found his muse; himself. The professor comes out of the exhibit mind boggled, speechless in fact and Meme could not be more proud. Meme’s piece, “Memeshowselfie”, was an award winning art piece and got him an A for the semester. By incorporating himself in his art show, Meme realized that his inspiration that he had been longing for, was inside him the entire time. 🙂


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