Week 6- Zine-Elyse Vega


This week, our art project was to make a zine!!! As soon as I walked into the art exhibit with al of the example zines, I fell in love. All of our previous assignments had been something of a very serious nature, or at least more assignment like, while this one literally felt like a doodle I might have made in middle school. I really liked the concept that each zine is it’s own, it’s whatever you make it. We had an insane amount of rage with this project which was also nice, Glenn just gave us an example of what a zine is and let us run free. I don’t pride myself on being the most creative person, but definitely amongst the goofiest when I’m feeling comfortable and I think that shows with what I decided to do with my zine. As you can see above, I have eggs, bacon, toast, turkey, and a cigarette on separate pages of my zine. Each food, represents someone in my family. The eggs: my mother; she is the one who turned me on to over-easy eggs. She used to make them non-stop when I was a kid and I fell in love with them. The bacon: my brother; he has an attitude about him that I can’t stand, sort of like the crunch of nicely cooked bacon, but I love him, just as I do bacon! The toast: my sister; she’s a single mother going to school and working her ass off. Just like the toast, you can throw almost anything on it (or at her for the sake of the analogy) and it works. The turkey: now that’s me. I know I should be writing something poetic for my own sake, but in all honesty I just love turkey and eat it every day, so why not? It’s my zine after all. And lastly, the stone cold cigarette: my father. In our previous project, I spoke about my Dad and his insane addiction to cigarettes my whole life, and my hate for it. I think it symbolized him perfectly, something I don’t want to be a part of my life, something that others enjoy, and let, knowingly, kill them. It’s poison that you don’t want to believe is bad for you because you love it so much. But besides the metaphors, it has been pretty awesome to make a zine, I feel like it’s something me and my friends would do and put on our snap chat stories as a gag. I would love to switch it up and write a story next time I create one of these!


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