Week 7- Artist Convo- Elyse Vega


Artist: Andrea Mesia

Instagram: Macndrees

Major: Illustration

For week 7, I spoke to Andrea Mesia for our artist conversations. Andrea is currently a 5th year here at CSULB and a hopeful grad student afterwards. Not only does she hope to enroll into grad school, but she hopes to obtain a BFA in illustration. When asked why, Andrea said that she has always loved drawing, sketching, coloring, anything with a pencil. As a child, she watched a lot of Pixar animated films, which later thrived her interest into comic books. about 3 years ago, Andrea started her collection of comic books along with the creation of her own story line and comic as well. Her biggest dream is to become a comic book writer, but she understands the difficulty it takes to obtain this career. As a Downey native, Andrea spends most of her time just drawing, as she said, “art has taken over my life, but I’m happy with that”.

From an artistic point, Andreas art is an interesting contrast. the background for her piece is pitch black with a starry sky, while the main points are all vibrant, almost neon colors. She does a great job at giving the piece dimension even though it’s on flat paper. The shadows across the mans jacket and glimmer on his goggles/glasses really make him pop. I personally really like the color composition, I like bright colors rather than dark, and the black background just makes those colors look even brighter. it gives the piece a sort of extraterrestrial feel to it, like there’s nuclear power in those crystals or this character is from another planet. Though her group exhibit was supposed to be “word of the year”. Andrea decided to debut her comic book character in her art piece. The crystals have no basic symbolization, but when asked, Andrea revealed that it all relates back to the plot of her story, which she didn’t want to give up before publishing.

Personally, I’m excited to see what connection this piece could have to Andreas comic book. As a kid, I used to be really into Sunday comics on the back of the newspaper. As I grew older, every trip that I would take over summer to Philadelphia to visit family, I would meet up with my cousins, as boys run rampant in my family line. As I hung out with my boy cousins, I would get a taste of comic book infatuation. Of course, this interest didn’t last long, as most people grow out of it and my only real connection to comics was across the country, but hearing her story about her love for comics reminded me of this. It was refreshing to see that an artist was into perusing something that I had never even realized was really a  career, it was just one of those things which totally slipped my mind. overall, I think Andrea will be an amazing comic writer and successful in her ventures.


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