Week 8- Classmate Convo- Elyse Vega


This week I got to meet Maria Romo! She is 19 years old and was born on January 19th. She’s a Sothern California native, as she was born and raised fifteen minutes from Long Beach State. Maria is a first year communications major with her eyes set on the prize. She has known since high school what her career would be and how far she wants to go with it. Maria’s high school offered a lot of opportunities for their students, as they are located rather near to Los Angeles. Her junior year in high school, she entered a program which helped individuals interested in the government, get hands on experience. Through participation in the program, Maria found her passion. It began as becoming a U.S. senate, but soon derailed to becoming an event coordinator for those involved in government. During her time in the program, Maria coordinated the fit program, which was an organization which taught kids how to make laws and the process behind it. She currently works as an assistant to the assembly member as a coordinator for the senate chair of California. Back in high school, Maria was very involved in sports such as soccer, volleyball, and softball and loved to go on hikes, These days, with her busy schedule, Maria spends her leisure time watching  movie or two with friends, or even cooking, which is her guilty pleasure. In the beginning of the year, Long Beach State wasn’t exactly the perfect fir for Maria, but she has found her place in her new home and is excited for the future.


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