Week 8- Finger Painting- Elyse Vega


This week we did finger painting and it was nostalgic as all hell. Honestly, before I did this project, my mind had completely buried all of my memories from my childhood art class that my mom enrolled me in during the summer. As soon as my finger hit the paper, it was like I had a deja vu moment. alike this assignment, we had assignments in the class. Everyone in the class couldn’t have been any older than ten, so they didn’t really press the word “assignment” on us too hard, but the schooling system has taught me not to be fooled, those were assignments. Regardless, they were as fun as can be! We would be given a general concept and certain art tools for that week and given a few hours to let our minds get away from us, then we would finish at home and present our masterpieces. we once had a finger painting assignment where we were given 5 different paint bottles, a sheet as big as my ten year old body, and 3 whole hours. Long story short, I had the time of my life; you could tell by the rainbow of globs of paint all over my skin and clothes. That piece, I am proud to say, hangs in my grandparents house, framed, with my nametag from the class hanging off the side.

So, like I said, this project was awesome. I kept this piece simple, as I am another broke college student just trying to get by. I went and bought three separate paint bottles from Michael’s and got to work. I had some left over construction paper from a Valentine’s Day craft I had made for my Mom, so I made it work. I figured, since I’m using left over Valentine’s Day equipment, why not keep the theme going? Hence, the hearts. The feeling of your finger gliding across paper and making a mark is something I’ll never get over. It’s one of the most relaxing feelings for me personally, and I would love to incorporate finger painting into a more regular routine for myself. Overall, I think this was a cool assignment, and probably my favorite thus far.


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