Week 9- Artist Convo- Elyse Vega

yas.jpgArtist Name: David DeSantis

Major: BFA printmaking

Year: Senior

This week I met David DeSantis who is a fourth year Bachelors of print making at CSULB. As of now, he does not plan on attending grad school since he works 60-70 hour weeks along with his very involved art major. His dream job would be to do commission work and just sell his own art pieces for a living. A lot of his work is done with plexiglass and he loves the shine effect that it has on it’s paper. His personal favorite piece is his samurai helmet, which he also used plexiglass on with trace marks. The point of his art is interpretation; David intends to create his work through his perspective, and then watch and hear what his viewers have to say about it. Outside of art, David loves to play pool with friends, go snowboarding, and even go to music festivals for inspiration!

As far as art goes, David’s usual work takes about 2-3 days, to a week and a half; talk about time consuming. He likes lithography comprehension and print making, which lead him to his major. He was first introduced to art when he saw Jesse James’ love for motorcycle construction, and has been sketching ever since. Though most of his bases are just regular paper, he would love to tart working with metal in order o challenge himself artistically. His first inspiration was Jackson Pollock, encouraging him to take that edgy step when it came to the dark matter of his work. The medium of each of David’s pieces is all shaped around a central theme that I cant quit put my finger on, but I know it’s there. It’s very defining, strong work. Overall, it was very interesting to look at and observe; I’m sure David’s career with art will grow much farther than he ever intended.


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