Week 10- Art activity-Elyse Vega

This week we talked about the wedge at CSULB. to be frank, I had no idea what that weird entrance was called before this assignment, I just knew I hated it. Now as you can see, the problem with the wedge is that it makes getting to main campus so awkward, especially with the large groups that flood out of class all at the same time. More than awkward, it’s just plain unnecessary; the designer obviously failed to calibrate the mass amount of students that would be having to deal with this malfunction just to get to class every day.

I decided to try and mess with the design on my own to find the bet alternative design for CSULB students, and believe it or not, the solution is INSANELY simple. By no means do I classify myself more capable of landscaping or building designs tan the next guy, but for the sake of the assignment, this would be the most probable solution. and that solution would be: tear down that god forsaken marble wall! What is it doing there in the first place? does it hold some sentimental value? Does it serve as protection? Or just decoration? because regardless of the intent, it doesn’t belong there.  If tis marble wall was to be ton down, it would open up the entire walk way to the escalators and allow for free flow of students, instead of one by one filling through a foot wide gap, as you can see from my friend passing trough in pictures above. You can keep the green aesthetic by keeping the flower beds and neutral tone pillars, but let’s face it Long beach, the wall is a problem. I honestly wish I was more creative or modern with my design solution, but I guess simplicity fits my character best. Also, the stone benches by the marble wall would need to be removed in order to actually make this decision  worth while, otherwise students are just stuck walking around something with it’s awkward placement again.

Sometimes, as I walk past this wedge, or better, through this wedge every day, I wonder what drove the designer to place things the way that they are placed. I think it’s important to recognize that it is a college campus, and an opportunity to design a campus only comes so often, so I can se where the artists would try and go outside of the box or push his design limits, but unfortunately, this particular push, wasn’t the best idea.


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