Week 10- Artist convo- Elyse Vega

This week I toured the exhibit of Amy Duran, which was called “Forever by Your Side”. Duran is a fourth year senior, who will be graduating with a BFA in screen printing. Originally, Amy was a ceramics major at Cypress college. Amy Duran unfortunately could not be there to discuss her exhibit, but she did have a friend sit in for interviews to dispatch as much information as he could. Through this, I learned that Amy’s personal life is quite interesting. In her free time, she loves to bake like Betty Crocker and cook new recipes. Her instagram for all inquiries is Polkadot.pony, where she loves to display her work and let others interpret her pieces. She hopes to obtain a career making movie props.

Artistically, Amy has always loved ceramics, and glass doll-like figures. She obviously incorporated this into her exhibit, showing the connection she still feels to her childhood and the struggles she faces trying to transition to womanhood. Next to every scene that Duran handmade, there was also a little story book that explained what was happening in every scene. As a member of the audience, when reading the short, storybook explanations, you realize that Duran’s character is actually herself, and the struggle tat the character is facing, wanting to stay and be happy in the woods, is the exact same issue the artists is having in her adult, female life. It was really interesting to make these connections to her life through her work and I think she did an outstanding job on not only communicating her point, but creating the set up as well. The story book feel was well and alive in the exhibit, with a cardboard, make-shift wall, into what seems to have been a castle, and there were the moments. From the animals, to the glass figurines of the same girl doing different things, it caught all of your attention and made you want to know the story behind it. I ultimately with Amy would have been in attendance so I could ask her more about her piece but regardless, I loved it.


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