Week 11- Artist Convo- Elyse Vega

IMG_3179Today, I had the pleasure of speaking to Yujia Gu, who is a fourth year here at CSULB, pursuing a BFA. Her main interest is graphic design. As a child, Gu lived in China with a mom who was everyday, extremely worried about her safety when it came to gun violence. Little did her family know, gun violence in the U.S. was extremely more prominent, which increased her mother’s worries. So, when it came time for her to do an exhibit, she thought, why not do something in reference to the rampant gun violence on children?

Yujia actually began her research on the topic last year in preparation for this project. She began just researching gun violence and upon researching that, she realized the huge impact that gun violence had on children’s lives. In the exhibit, there was a clear sheet with many children’s faces, these were gun violence victims. Much of her inspiration came from her mother’s worries and her transition from china to America. She wanted to highlight these gunshot victims because she feels as though Americans see it as an everyday thing, something that is acceptable, when in reality, children’s lives are precious and these should be seen as horrible crimes. Seeing the high crime rate against children has shown her that her mother’s worries weren’t as far off as she used to think.

In my opinion, her work was extremely intriguing and different. I think I appreciated the realness of her work, how it genuinely relates back to America and the times we are having now. I watch a lot of SVU to be honest and it gives me sincere insight on all of the ways people can be hurt, let alone just children. I appreciate the light she is shedding on all children’s lives that were lost.


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