Week 12- Artist Convo- Elyse Vega

ayy This week I got to meet Alice Andreini  of Cal Sate Long Beach. Her exhibit was held in the Max L Gatov gallery and addressed her appreciation for romantic landscaping. Alice is an older student with more life experience, and I think that adds to her grace when it comes to painting. She actually was a previous scenic art teacher and set designer for years. In her undergrad, Alice always had an interest in art, but didn’t think she could make a career out of it, so she turned to the medical field. Once she realized medicine wasn’t her passion either, Alice took to theatre and went on to help plan events and set designs for them. She is currently pursuing her Masters in drawing and painting as she works locally in the Long Beach area. once her master’s program is done, Alice wants to continue teaching, but with a specific practice and not just general art.

Alice’s gallery caught my eye because of the color and similarity between each painting. at first glance, I had a hard time deciding what she was depicting exactly, but through further conversation, he informed the audience that it was a gold course, one that she had always admired for it’s beauty. This golf course embodies romantics and theatrics, two things that Alice has come to love. Previous to her exhibit, Alice knew that she wanted to do nature, and this golf course had every componeentthat she was looking for. She started off with her much smaller, textile pieces, then graduated onto her large ones. the thing that I like about her transition in size is it have her more room for color transition. As you can see above, it’s almost like a fading sunset in the background of the tiles. It goes from hues of pink to orange to yellow or blue to purple to green. I absolutely feel as though these exact pieces could be incorporated into clothing designs or brand designs as backgrounds, because they look so modern, yet antique.

Going on, Alice said her work on each painting could take anywhere from two weeks to two months, just depending on how much work she likes to put into each one. That is something that I have found mostly in common with every painter; they aren’t sure how long something will take or when to stop, it just happens when it happens. For instance, one of her biggest pieces in the collection actually consists of five different art pieces all collaborated into one of the golf course. This freedom in timing and creation gave her breathing space for new ideas and collaborations. Overall, Alice’s exhibit was absolutely one of my favorite through the semester.


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