Week 13- Classmate Convo- Elyse Vega


This week I had the chance to meet and speak with Sergio Perez of CSULB. Sergio is a senior here at CSULB and is a computer engineering major. He has always been very interested in robotics and their mechanics, he hopes to pursue a career in this field. Around this time last year, Sergio worked as a cook at Carl’s Jr., and decided he couldn’t take it anymore, so he quit. Upon his quitting, he obtained a job in downtown long beach as a parking monitor. After working there for six months, he can definitely say that he enjoys this job much more and he appreciates his won bravery for quitting. On another note, Sergio just got out of a three year long relationship with his long term girlfriend. With his new found freedom, Sergio would like to explore new activities with friends and alone. As an individual, he likes to read, hike, travel, cycle, and go to the beach. A few of his favorite spots are Santa Monica and Palos Verdes for their beautiful hikes. He is from Paramount, California and went to paramount high school, which justifies his saying that he lived in a small town, because it was the only high school. Something cool about Sergio pursuing his education is that he has no debt as of now when it comes to school. He has saved great amounts of money by living at home and refusing to take out loans, he works for his education. once he graduates, Sergio hopes to not need to pursue a master’s degree and be able to chase his dream job right away. He would very much like to work for a gaming company like Rakion, and help do wed design or technical mechanics for them. With three brothers and no sisters, Sergio says, “it’s annoying always being wit my brothers, I always wanted a little sister to look after.” Which I thought was extremely sweet and endearing. Overall, Sergio Perez was a delight to speak to and I enjoyed his company.


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