Week 14- Classmate Convo- Elyse Vega


Jackie Perez is a freshman here at CSULB and she loves to be here! She went to East LA Cantwell High school, which was a private school and she said it was very ratchet. As a CSULB major, she has chosen film screenwriting. With this major, most of her time is consumed by creating scripts, cutting edits, and finishing the final product. Even though it is very time consuming, she says she wouldn’t want t pursue a career in anything else. As she continues to pursue her degree, she hopes to capture a job in the film industry that requires directing and editing skill. As a youngster, much of her passions were influenced by her older brother, who is almost twice her age.

She very much loved old school rap because of him, old school movies, and even old school style. we shared an interest in the old school rap, so she elaborated on why she liked it so much. Her favorite thing about the differentiation in the two types of rap from nowadays to old school, is that it always tells a story and has a purpose. she says that these days, you can hardly understand what these people are saying let alone know what story they are telling. Besides her older brother, she has two other brothers and younger sister, which come from both of her parents previous marriages, her only full blood sibling is her youngest brother. She says her relationship with her family is very close knit and they do a lot of activities together.

As a student, Jackie loves the big campus that CSULB offers and the community of very involved students. The say she also very much enjoys the art 110 class and how untraditional the class is, she also very much likes to draw so this was a great assignment to do in the Japanese garden. All in all, Jackie is a very interesting individual who has big aspirations for her future.


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