Week 14- Drawings-Elyse Vega


This week’s drawing activity was in the Japanese Garden. Now to be frank, I personally had never been inside of this location in both years of my time at CSULB, I even lived right next to it for a year and never thought to go inside. Through this assignment, I’m really glad that I did though. It is a beautiful location with great vibes, it’s really relaxing and free! I had no idea that koi fish could grow to the likes of the ones inside the pond either, so I spent a lot of my time looking at the and watching them eat. I’m really glad that this was the location for the sketches, there was a lot of inspiration here and a wide variety of art.

The ten, thirty second sketches were by far my favorite part of this drawing assignment. I feel like this gave you the freedom to be carefree about your sketches and let the marks land where they may. I’m not much of an artist, but I do like to sketch a lot, more like doodle to be honest but you get the point. So naturally, I was rather excited to actually have a nice scenery to depict. My favorite thing to draw was the pond and things inside of it. You can see that in my 30 second drawings, I drew the koi fish, the lily pads, and the flowers surrounding the pond. For the five minute drawing, I decided to draw the actual pond as one piece and the surroundings of it, as it is the main attraction of the garden. However, #7 was one of my favorite things to draw, excuse me for not knowing what these pieces are called, but I love the geometric shape of it, how there are pointy edges, then rectangular ones, I think it’s really cool and it was by far the best thing to draw. Other things like the umbrella and the “I love LB” bag were just things that I see in every day life that I wanted to try and interpret, and I was obviously not very good at it. This assignment was really cool and made me excited to sketch again, I’m glad Glenn thinks outside of the box for his classwork.


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