Week 15- Classmate Convo- Elyse Vega

heyThis last week in Art 110, I had the pleasure of meeting Christian Infantes, that’s infant, with es at the end. Christian is a first year here at the beach and is a pre-film major. To be quite frank, Christian is only taking art 110 because it is a prerequisite for his major, but he undeniably enjoys it thoroughly. Christian is originally from Redondo beach and commutes to the school every day. He likes to live at home because he feels like having roommates would be annoying and hey, after all, no one is better than your mom. He decided to originally attend CSULB  because his dream school was too expensive, also adding to why he decided to stay at home. In his free time, Christian enjoys making music. Growing up he always had an interest in being a musician but soon moved on from the idea. Actually, initially, Christian was undeclared when he first enrolled into CSULB, then he became a computer science major because he loves to work with technology. Unfortunately however, Christian also discovered that computers weren’t his cup of tee, and he soon found film, which has been his passion ever since. He says that film, as a major, takes up an insane amount of time, but he wouldn’t have it any other way. I can tell fro just this small encounter that Christian is a very nice guy and has chosen the right major for himself, good luck to him in the future!


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