Week 15- Designing thinking applied to life- Elyse Vega

I have been lost at sea in the brain ever since I enrolled here at CSULB. I have changed my major four separate times and I am only two years in, I know, crazy. However, it has brought me to a little certainty, that is, what I know I DON’T want to do. I’m quite honestly still lost as far as a real career goes, but I do have things that I wish I could do. With that being said, I’m going to attempt this assignment as accurately as possible.

First, and as you now know, I don’t have anything that I positively think ill be doing in the near future, so it’s going to be a challenge for me to answer this paragraph. My current major is consumer affairs, I chose this after frolicking my way through Biology, Business Management, Psychology and Kinesiology. I think what made me really want to try Consumer Affairs, was that it incorporated the two majors I always wanted to combine: Communications and Business. Growing up, I’ve always been very talkative and good at public speaking, now I’m no MLK, but I can spit an inspiring line every now and again. I would never major in communications because there aren’t any real job opportunities for that major right now. I mean, I’m not willing to risk all of this time and money for something that wont pay off, but I love to write essays and debate and speak in public. On the other hand, I love business because it’s reliable, there’s that side of me that’s terrified about post college and my career and business just seems like a safety net, but there’s a catch; I suck at math, seriously. So, once I heard about the job opportunities tat come with consumer affairs, I was excited for once, I felt like I found my major. The most potential I see in a future job, would be a public relations/ marketing agent. I intend to pick up a marketing minor, which will make this career path very ideal for me. I don’t know exactly what being a marketing agent would entail, but I like speaking to people, getting to know what their interests are, and so on. My five year plan for this career path would be to get an internship at a business firm here in Long beach next semester or work at a non profit, and get my own apartment, so I can finally get a real understanding of how middle class people deal with money, since I’ve been sheltered my whole life. Next year, the plan would be to get my degree and begin to apply for business school. If unsuccessful, I would like to take a year off and travel, it’s one of my passions. then in the next year, of course, applying for a marketing position at business firm would be ideal. My ratings for confidence, is at about  70/100, because I know I’m capable since I actually am interested, I’m just still very new and don’t know much information. Resources is at an honest zero as of now, because I am still so new and don’t have any business related experience. impact I would rate a 50/100 and satisfaction would be 100/100 of course if I’m successful.

What I would do if consumer affairs disappeared tomorrow? Honestly, I have no clue. I like that this assignment is pushing me to think about possible altar futures, but it doesn’t change the fact that I am absolutely indecisive as far as my career goes. Actually, it’s less of indecisiveness and even more of straight confusion and self-doubt. To a certain extent, I know I am completely unequipped for certain majors, and that definitely limits my options, but if I had to pick an alternate, I’d have to go with communications, mostly because I know I could do it. The five year plan would consist of year one: switch major to communications and pick up a marketing minor. This way, I can still drive a relatively similar career path. Year two, I would hope to find an internship at any business, I’m not picky, in their advertisement department. Year three, I move to LA because business is booming for advertisements over there. I apply for a job in downtown LA in a random business’ public relations department, now I know I’m being a  little far fetched, but cut me some slack, I don’t even know if my real major is going to be right for me, let alone my hypothetical plan B. Years four and five id like to get a jump on a significant other and settling down, because I’ve always wanted to be married with children before I turn 30. Hopefully at this time, my career will continue to thrive and I will be successful. In almost every department, I rate this plan the same as m plan A, except for resources, because I have family out in LA which I know work in business, so there’s a little step up the ladder.

And last, my plan C, my so called “dream” plan would be to be a teacher. In all honesty, since I was a child I have always wanted to be a teacher. I have two older sisters, twins actually, and both of them wanted to be teachers as well. They went on to attend CSUSB, with one dropping out in her first year and the other pursuing a degree in psychology. They both saw the same thing that  saw, that teachers weren’t even happy in ding their job, so how could we be? There’s always these teacher protests and unions working for better pay because they are so underpaid, and seeing their annual income always surprised me because I felt like that was a lot, hence why I stated in my first paragraph that I need to get my own apartment, take care of myself entirely, to understand how much money is actually a lot of money these days. Anyways, back to the topic, being a  teacher always enticed me, I liked the idea of teaching kids something new, taking summer breaks, being able to take time to spend with my own family. Of course a s you can already tell, what stops me from pursuing this major is lack of employment and bad pay. But, with seeing that the prompt asks is you were financially secure, I’d definitely pursue this career. I think that it would bring me an abundance of happiness, especially if I were to be an elementary school, teacher, or even more fun, a kindergarten teacher!!! If income wasn’t a worry, I’d love to be able to interact with kids all day, teaching them their ABC’s and making art projects like I used to back in the good old days of schooling. My friend is actually majoring in childhood development so she can be a teacher and will be graduating next fall, so I took the tie to interview her on any recommendations if trying to pursue that career. Brittany, who is my friend, is a third year HDEV major, who has interned at preschools and elementary schools, taught full classes and watched the children. What she recommended was getting a head start on interaction with kids. “A lot of people struggle once they get to schooling because they weren’t prepared for the actual interacting that is required, kids are still kids, they have tantrums, get moody, want to play instead of learn.” I found this very helpful because that is also something I never really considered being an issue. I have many nieces and nephews who are in their terrible twos and I can tell you that it’s not easy always trying to watch them. I think this career choice would be a plus in so many ways, but the lack of pay, employment, and dealing with other peoples children is what stops me. Overall, I think this was a good experience and process to think about, it has opened my eyes even more to what I don’t know and need to look into for my actual future, because i’s closer than I think.
































































































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