Week 7- Classmate convo-Elyse Vega


This week, I had the pleasure of meeting Gabbie Tecun. She is a freshman here at CSULB and is from Hawthorne, CA, which is by LAX. Last year, she attended El Segundo High School and spent most of her time playing water polo and doing swim. through her love for sports, she found her interest in college, physical therapy.  As of now, Gabbie is a worker at an elementary school, after school program. This job is ideal for her right now because it is close to her house and her mother works for the school district.Initially, right out of high school, Gabbie wanted to be a doctor, but she soon realized after being in hospitals, that being  doctor puts a lot of stress on you as a person, and as a physical therapist, she will not be pinned with making life threatening decisions. Gabbie’s favorite food is any type of Mexican dish and she loves veggies! In her spare time, she likes to watch sports like football and basketball, but doesn’t play them. She has one full sister and one half sister, out of the two, one plays volleyball for the junior Olympics every year. She has two dogs and grandparents who live in Germany. Gabbie originally thought that she’d like to attend college in Germany, but realized that she’s the type to get homesick, and four years is a long, long commitment. So instead, she visits her grandparents in Germany every year and takes trips with them throughout the land. Gabbie says her favorite place that she has visited with her grandparents has to be Aruba, which we have in common, since that’s where I’ve been with my mom! Overall, it was really interesting learning about Gabbie’s background and getting to know her.


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